KATHRYN SPITZ COHAN – Executive Director, JFilm Festival

“Serial Bad Weddings”, “Censored Voices,” and “A Borrowed Identity.” A wild weekend? The return of the JFilm Festival in Pittsburgh? Or both?? JFilm is a year round film presenting organization and Executive Director Kathryn Spitz Cohan visits for cocktail hour right in the middle of the 2015 Festival to tease us with what we’ve missed and what’s to come! We’ll be seeing you at the movies this weekend! Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete interview in audio podcast for more on JFilm’s year round programming, Ms. Cohan’s impressive accomplishments in Pittsburgh, and the BEST part of the movie-going experience! For a schedule of films visit www.jfilmpgh.org  

KATHRYN SPITZ COHAN – Executive Director, JFilm Festival

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