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“Sit down, have a drink, let’s talk.” The heart of ‘Burgh Vivant is its candid and off-beat interviews with the people who contribute to make this city truly unique. Artists, cultural leaders, entrepreneurs, and news-makers let their hair down over cocktails with host Brian Edward for an entertaining and informative look into what’s happening in Pittsburgh. No subject is sacred, no secret is safe! See the video highlights here, or follow the links to “The Full Martini;” unedited and uncensored podcasts of each interview in its glorious entirety.

Ben Dunigan – Curator of Horticulture, Phipps Conservatory

The “post-mortem” on Phipps Conservatory’s rare CORPSE FLOWER!  ‘Burgh Vivant host Brian Edward catches up with Phipps Curator of Horticulture, Ben Dunigan during the Corpse Flower’s ultra-limited once-per-decade 48 hour bloom period.  If you missed it, catch the exotic plant in action here – as well as the scoop on the flower’s unique attributes, horror… Read more »