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‘Burgh Vivant’s growing network of contributors brings you their reviews and features of Pittsburgh’s cultural events, performances, restaurants, and more! See the video highlights here, or follow the links to “The Full Martini” for a fabulous full-length edition of each review, uncensored and uncut. Have a review of your own? Give us your critiques in the comments section!

Review – MADAGASCAR, Quantum Theatre (1/31 – 2/16/14)

“A puzzle… riveting!” says ‘Burgh Vivant Michael ‘Buzz” Buzzelli of Quantum Theatre’s latest production MADAGASCAR by J.T. Rogers, directed by Sheila McKenna.  Buzz and Lonnie the Theatre Lady review the mysteries (and the marble!) that this unique play offers.  MADAGASCAR stars Helena Ruoti, Larry John Meyers, and Melinda Helfrich – and who has the distinction… Read more »

Review – THE MOUNTAINTOP, City Theatre (1/18 – 2/9)

Exciting, evocative, emotionally impactful… just a few words used by ‘Burgh Vivant’s resident reviewers Mike “Buzz” Buzzelli and Lonnie the Theatre Lady to describe City Theatre’s current production of THE MOUNTAINTOP by Katori Hall, directed by Peter Flynn.  Though they may disagree on the theme, they most certainly agree on the quality of this theatrical… Read more »

GoodTaste! Pittsburgh’s first annual PITTSBURGH BREW ‘N CHEW

No tap was left unturned when ‘Burgh Vivant loosed contributors Lonnie Jantsch and Andy Coleman on the Monroeville Convention Center January 11th for the first annual Pittsburgh Brew ‘N Chew event presented by GoodTaste! Pittsburgh.  The debonair duo sampled beers from numerous breweries, both local and national in this tour de force of fun and… Read more »

Review – WELL, Off The Wall Productions

Mike “Buzz” Buzzelli and Lonnie the Theatre Lady are getting along WELL over this barrier-bending play by Lisa Kron, and directed by Melissa Hill Grande.  WELL features Daina Michelle Griffith, Virginia Wall Gruenert, Tony Bingham, Alan Bomar Jones, Linda Haston, Susie McGregor-Laine, and plays until December 28th at Off the Wall Theater in Carnegie.

Review – MRS. BOB CRATCHIT’S WILD CHRISTMAS BINGE, Little Lake Theatre Company

The laughs and the martinis flow simultaneously as Lonnie the Theatre Lady, festively festooned, recounts the rollicking riot that is MRS. BOB CRATCHIT’S WILD CHRISTMAS BINGE, playing now through Dec 14th at Little Lake.  Listen to “The Full Martini” – the complete interview in audio podcast for more details, and to hear your ‘Burgh Vivants… Read more »