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A Pittsburgh Twist on Dickens N’at – A review of “Yinzer Scrooged: A Pittsburgh Christmas Carol”

By Claire DeMarco, ‘Burgh Vivant Imagine “A Christmas Carol” told from a present-day Pittsburgh perspective. The Charles Dickens classic is updated with a Pittsburgh twist at the fictitious “dahntahn” WBRC Studios in Bricolage’s 11th annual Midnight Radio Series, “Yinzer Scrooged: A Pittsburgh Christmas Carol.” We follow Jeffenezer Scroogeoff (Wali Jamal) as his story is told… Read more »

A Change for the Halibut – a review of “The (Christmas) Lake Effect”

By Tiffany Raymond, ‘Burgh Vivant Each holiday season, ballet companies expectantly produce their obligatory rehashing of “The Nutcracker.” So too do America’s playhouses delve into the shallow pool of holiday theatrical options with perennial appearances of “A Christmas Carol” or “White Christmas.” Little Lake Theatre’s production of “The (Christmas) Lake Effect” successfully colors outside the… Read more »

Merry & Gay – a review of “The Santaland Diaries”

By Michael “Buzz” Buzzelli, ‘Burgh Vivant It’s Christmastime in the city, and author and playwright David Sedaris reminds us that the season isn’t all comfort and joy in “The Santaland Diaries.” Unemployed stoner David (Shua Potter) has moved to the big city and is in desperate need of employment. Then, right before his money runs… Read more »

The Politics of Colorism – a review of “School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play”

By Tiffany Raymond, ‘Burgh Vivant The Pittsburgh Public Theater’s production of “School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play” takes place in 1986 at a girls’ boarding school in Ghana. In delving into pecking orders and prettiness rankings, Ghanaian American playwright, Jocelyn Bioh, makes transparent the universal nature of high school mean girls. Paulina (Markia… Read more »

A Change is Gonna Come – a review of “One Night in Miami”

By Michael “Buzz” Buzzelli, ‘Burgh Vivant On an auspicious night in Miami, the new World Heavyweight Champion, Cassius Clay (Thomas Walter Booker), celebrates his success with his friends; football player Jim Brown (Quincy Chad), spiritual leader and social activist Malcolm X (Avery Glymph) and singer/songwriter Sam Cooke (Dwayne Washington) in “One Night in Miami” by… Read more »

Youth is full of sport – a review of “Much Ado About Nothing”

Tiffany Raymond, ‘Burgh Vivant Steven Wilson’s new adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” at the Pittsburgh Playhouse takes risks – and reaps the rewards. Wilson not only wrote the adaptation, but he directs the production. Wilson’s adaptation takes place in World War II-era Italy after the Italians have allied with the U.S. He… Read more »